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Delicately arranged blooms adorn this charming clutch purse with an elegant display of color and fragrance. This stylish ensemble is filled with handcrafted wax melts in the form of roses and tulips that captivate the senses. With each glance and whiff, the recipient is reminded of your thoughtfulness and the beauty of nature, making this bouquet the perfect gesture for any occasion.


Chic in Blooms

  • Bouquet Includes: 

    9 Scented Wax Melts

    1 Heavy-Duty Paper Clutch Bag with Chain Handles 


    Additional Info:

    Each bouquet brings 2 White Roses, 2 Pink Roses  and 5  Yellow Tulips; no flower variations offered at this time.



    White roses are a blend of freshly cut roses with a light woody background. 

    Pink roses are a lush blend of green florals, sensual musk and sheer rose. 

    Yellow Tulips are a sweet and natural floral scent. 


    Clutch Purse offered in the following colors: White, Light Pink, Red and Black. 


    Wax warmer is not included.



    What are wax melts?

    Wax melts are scented pieces of wax that are melted using a wax warmer or burner to release fragrance into the air. They are typically made from a combination of wax, fragrance oils, and sometimes dyes. When the wax melt is heated, it melts and releases its scent, filling the room with a pleasant aroma. Wax melts are a popular alternative to traditional candles and are often used for home fragrances purposes.

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