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The Affirmation Collection Candles are available in the following four scents:



Good Hair Day is freshly shampooed hair on a sunny, Saturday morning. This refreshing and clean blend of white flowers, lemon, and greens will be sure to add an energizing boost to your day! Just got a promotion, signed a new lease, or courageously walked away from a relationship that is no longer serving you? This is the candle for you!




Serenity is a fascinating blend of eucalyptus and spearmint that sets a relaxing ambience with its fresh notes of citrus, lavender, and sage. This combination can assist with clearing your senses and improving your mood.



Rainy Days is a lovely scent that captures notes of lily, rose petals, and sandalwood. These notes can help alleviate negative feelings, promote positive thinking, and calm anxiety. This candle is great for journaling and meditation.



Clarity is the blend of white sage herbs, lavender, and aromatic woods. A fragrant aroma that provides a relaxing and cleansing environment. This candle is ideal to burn during times of uncertainty and anxiety as its notes purify spaces and enhance intuition.

Proud to Live Affirmation

  • Our affirmation candles are intended to provide a sensory experience through seeing and smelling.


    To include a photo on one side of the candle vessel, please email your high-resolution photo to and include your order number.


    If you would not like to include a photo, then the affirmation will be applied to only one side of the candle vessel.

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